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Estate and Property agents are expected to provide a quality service when called upon by tenants or landlords. Whether the heating has packed in, or some urgent maintenance work needs to be resolved, finding someone who is local, available and reliable can be a minefield, and because so many things can go wrong, you often have multiple contacts. The problem is, if you’re let down at any point, it always comes back on you. 

So what if there was a way you could have a one-stop shop for emergency call-out and maintenance work needs? What if you knew that the tradespeople used had already been pre-vetted and that materials were being sourced at some of the best prices available? Would this add value to the services you provide? If this sounds appealing, you might benefit from joining our ranks of third party agents

How it works

How it works

It’s quite simple. We provide our customers with an online quote for all domestic Construction jobs. Once the customer is happy with the quote, we work out the particulars, allocating the job to the nearest Supplier and/or Tradesperson, who can then provide the customer with the services and/or materials required. 

Currently, each estate agent or property management company has to call on tradespeople to carry out jobs for their clients. The invoice then gets sent to the landlord and likely, you’ll make nothing from it. Now, with our third party agency membership scheme, we offer you a commission on every job we get passed from you. You will also be able to easily log each job and keep track of your commission on your third party portal page. It really is that simple – let Cost2Build take that workload from you.

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