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3 Ways To Revamp Your Garden This Year

The snowdrops are appearing and the hedgerows will soon be blossoming, although it may not feel much like that on a miserable winter’s day! Spring catches some gardeners by surprise every year, so why not get ahead of the game and start planning your projects for the coming year right now. It won’t be long before you’ll need to be out planting and sowing, so make the most of this quieter period to look at ways in which you could revamp your garden this year.

Water features
If you don’t already have a water feature, or yours is looking a little old and shabby, it’s time to have a browse through all the goodies on offer from businesses like Water-garden.co.uk. The range of fountains, waterfalls, and other types of water features is far greater now than it was even a few years ago, and products have been developed that look just like natural materials without having a matching price tag. Plastic statues and fake rocks are a thing of the past; all the new designs that don’t use wood or stone use composites and other materials that make them indistinguishable from the real thing.

You could create a stream, have your own miniature waterfall, a bog garden, wildlife pond or Koi carp pond, all finished off with a lighted water feature. It’s worth taking a look at what you can achieve by visiting water garden centres and taking a look at their display gardens, so you can see how a particular design would work in your garden at home.

Nothing smartens a garden up like a nice new fence, so if yours is past its best, consider getting it replaced. A well-constructed featheredge fence will last for many years, so it’s a worthwhile investment. Before you begin any work on a fence or hedge, just have a chat with the neighbours so that they’re on board – and if the fence that needs replacing is their responsibility, talk nicely to them about getting it sorted!

Screening such as bamboo or brush rolls, or trellis and latticework can make an effective addition for separating sections of the garden or finishing off sections of fencing, and if your neighbours aren’t too keen on doing their bit with a new fence, you can always line the inside of the old one with screening.

Paths and garden buildings
Making new paths or re-laying old ones isn’t a difficult project, and could make a significant difference to the appearance of your garden. There’s a multitude of alternative materials you can use to surface your path, from logs and wood chippings to bricks and slate chippings. If your garden shed is losing its appeal, you could give it a new coat of wood preservative, or try something new and paint it in bright colours. Maybe the kids would like to paint on some butterflies and flowers, too!

Even the smallest garden has potential that you can harness to transform your outside space into a bright, inviting space to spend your summers.


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